Emobia Core


Fast API


Thanks to API, the communication between various components of your app is faster and smoother. A good API makes it easier to develop your native app and make sure that all components are stick together. We are using the leading technology which helps you to have a perfect user experience while using and building your ecommerce online.

Always new features like


We promise you that you stay on the top of the ecommerce game. Thanks to features like 3D touch, you customers always experience brilliant action while shopping with you.



We are really proud of this feature. Lot of customers tend to leave the basket right before the checkout process. Now, it is easier to keep them engaged and finish the purchase. We put our effort to build a native checkout which helps you to minimize the bounce rate of the customers and maximize your revenue.



Typical bounce rate of the average customer is around 3 seconds. Just 3 seconds can decide whether you win. Thanks to our fast API solution, your products load quicker and your customer experience will benefit from it.



Thanks to the Magento extension, you can easily manage the content of your app. Rewrite the copy of your subpages, manage your banners or schedule and send the push notifications. There is no 3rd party software needed.

Tools for


Remarketing Over


Now you can easily target your customers through all your channels. Thanks to remarketing code installed in your app, you can track your customers and show them relevant products and ads on the desktop version.. Why to do so? They are more likely to buy and you increase your profit.

Powerfull Management for


Thanks to this powerful tool you can manage all your banners from your Magento account. We integrated your ecommerce app with Magento platform. That means you can change all your banners at one place. Just login to your Magento account and fun begins. Add, delete or upload banners how you like.



If anybody likes your product, with one click in your app it appears in the wishlist folder. This folder is now fully sync with your desktop version. Customers won’t lose any of your amazing products and goods. We collect all the data for you for one reason. You can use them in your targeted ads and increase your profits.

Page Content


Thanks to the Magento extension you can easily manage all your mandatory sub pages. There is no room for mistake. Pages like About us, terms & conditions, payment & shipping or contact us will alway be up to date.



Do you sell lot of your goods and products? Navigate your customers through your products and help them find what they want. Now they can choose from various options and target more relevant products to their needs. Filters are automatically generated based on the attribute sets and the attributes define in your Magento. Thanks to advanced technology like Mongo 3.4 and NodeJS, filtering is really smooth and fast. We help you to set up your filters right, so you can decrease the bounce rate and your income will increase.

Send notification when order is not


The bounce rate of basket cart is costly for many businesses. You can avoid that by simply send the intelligent notification and heads up to your customer. That he forgets something in his basket. It really helps to persuade him to purchase and increase the revenue.

Be amazed with


Everything coded


A native app is built for a particular device and its operating system, it has the ability to use device-specific hardware and software, meaning that native apps can take advantage of the latest technology available on mobile devices. Thanks to this process your users browse faster and smoother. All the animations and pictures load right away and the app responds very quick on every action of the user.

Variable Image


There are many sizes of the product images. This app is developed to overcome this headache. It is obvious that fashion, electro or other industries are using different size of product images. It was projected smartly. That means grid of products is adjusting as you wish and need.

User Experience


This app is using extraordinary analytics which evaluates the behavior of your users. Thanks to this magnificat tool we will analyze and adjust the app so customer is ready to browse faster and to shop more intuitive.

Easy to Use and


Since the app was developed in UX studio, user experience sets highest standard. Your app is intuitive and guides the user through out the all purchasing steps. Your customers enjoy the shopping with you. It is all about positive emotions and great user experience.